Photo by Kristin Sweetland, 2013.

This Is Your Captain Speaking

I’m on a train — it’s been a while since I’ve been riding the rails, watching field after field after field eventually shrink into small town backyards with trampolines and fire pits and old cars up on blocks … Watching colour as it drains from the window, listening to the train changing it’s tune, grinding into the pockmarked cement and twisted metal underbelly of the city. Being spit out again back alonside fields of burgeoning corn and soy, the odd clumping of turkey vultures. I find myself thinking wistfully about Australia,…   more…

Photo by Kristin Sweetland, 2013.

Summertime Salutations from The Skirt

Bonjour Mes Petits, And happy summertime! As the solstice nears this Saturday, I’m getting excited about all my upcoming exploits far and wide. I have some grand plans with Captain Dirt, as well as some solo adventures in store. First on my agenda is Fiesta Flamenca! my yearly flamenco dance recital with the Academy of Spanish Dance. We’ve all been working hard since September and I have butterflies of excitement…   more…

Blog TO featured

Thank you Blog T.O.!

  Thanks Blog T.O. for naming Captain Dirt & The Skirt one of the 5 top folk bands to watch in Toronto! Also mentioned is our good friend Sarah Burton and pal David Newland’s band the McFlies. Click here to read the article.  


Some Love from Roots Music Canada

Happy New Year! 2014 is a fine one already and Dirt & Skirt are busy making grand plans. New tour dates are now posted on our Shows page … Stay tuned for even more gig announcements coming soon! We recently did a lovely interview with our dear pals at Roots Music Canada. Hear what they have to say about us, and learn even more of our secrets here: Also, tune…   more…


The Legend of Captain Dirt & The Skirt

At last, we divulge the secret tale of how it all began… xo Dirt & Skirt    


Gigs, Gigs, Gigs!

Dearest Everyone, We’re excited to announce some glorious upcoming shows, with even more dates to follow shortly. For those of you in Toronto, and London, Ontario you’ll be able to catch us with Gregory Hoskins and Gary Craig for a couple dynamic duo double-bills at The Drake  Underground and The London Music Club. We’re booking even more shows over the winter, and a big tour for the spring! Stay tuned…   more…

Photo by Sean Ryan, 2013.

Welcome to Our Domain!

Dearest Everyone, Welcome to our new website! We’re so excited to have this magnificent platform to share all our adventures with you… We have travelled from the deepest darkest of woods to the barnacle covered shorelines of distant lands, all for the sake of gathering fodder for this our brand new album The Adventures of Captain Dirt & the Skirt. Over the coming weeks expect lots of exciting news, mysterious…   more…

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